About Us​

Thip and Vanh Meet Vanh and Thip. Atlanta based husband and wife team & founders of Snackboxe Bistro. Since 2010, they have been creating fun, unique dishes for family and friends. Their recent trip to Laos in 2016 inspired them to connect deeply with their roots and bring their passion for Lao culture and food to life.Vanh has over 15 years of professional experience in operations. Prior to Snackboxe, he was the Director of Operations for a settlement firm in Atlanta, GA. He created the Snackboxe brand and concept: quick, simple, comfort foods. He oversees all operations of the restaurant and brings a wealth of knowledge with him, along with his passion for food. Thip comes with over 10 years experience in global supply chain and project management. Her expertise in sourcing, negotiating, and streamlining processes allows Snackboxe to offer high quality ingredients while keeping costs competitive. She creates her own menu and recipes, consistently brainstorming innovative ideas to marry old school tradition with the latest food trends. Her goal is to introduce the community near and far to the international cuisine people have been missing: Lao food!


It’s more than just sticky rice.
We are a casual, relaxed atmosphere located in metro-Atlanta. Serving Lao cuisine from Southeast Asia that is full of savory flavors, herbs, spices and distinctive aromas. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and special offers.

1960 DAY DR 1000
(770) 558-1105
Noon - 9:00 PM